Our Products

Welcome to CEP Farm, Weaver Creek Products website! We're glad you're here with us. Enjoy our wide array of hand crafted hemp products ranging from hemp infused olive oil to soap to body butters. We do all of the growing, tending, harvesting, and processing by hand. We are a small, family owned farm based out of Palmyra, TN. It is our mission to bring excellent, affordable products to all who may need them. We never use insecticide, herbicide, or pesticide on our products. We never use additives or additional chemicals. We only get as fancy as essential oils for scent or extract oils for flavor. We are licensed growers and processors in the state of Tennessee, our crop is tested by the Tennessee Department of Agriculture and last year our THC level was .061%  way below the state mandated level of .3%.  Have any questions? Contact us!