Our Story

Why did we become hemp farmers?

Many of you know about our daughter Caitlyn, who at 10 months experienced medical issues.. She has been on some very serious medications to help with these symptoms since then. At one point, the medications she was taking were not totally relieving her symptoms and we knew she was uncomfortable and unhappy. We also knew that the medications she was on would have extremely damaging long term effects, like liver damage. Chris and Susan decided to start researching alternative medication options. With extensive research, they decided CBD oil was the best for their family. The initial dose was very small and over time, we steadily increased it until we found a dosage that works for her. After finding the right dosage, her quality of life has significantly improved !

After a ton of reading and asking about a million questions, they found that Tennessee has an industrial hemp program through the Department of Agriculture. We took the leap in the summer of 2017 and applied for a license to grow and process our hemp! Through the Department of Agriculture, we are required to maintain a 0.3% or less of THC in our hemp. 

Meet Susan, CEP Farm - Weaver Creek Products CEO

Susan is a former social worker with a Masters in Clinical Psychology, a mother of 3, a grandmother to two, and the CEO and COO of CEP Farm - Weaver Creek Products. Susan began researching industrial hemp growth in 2016. They wanted to be able to create products to help their daughter, Caitlyn, with her symptoms. After a mishap with the hemp buyer, Susan decided to start processing the hemp they grew to see if the products they could make in the home would benefit others. After starting their business on Facebook and in some small wholesale stores in Tennessee, Susan decided to launch CEP Farm - Weaver Creek Products online to reach more people who can benefit from hemp and all its byproducts. 

Meet Chris, CEP Farm - Weaver Creek Products CFO

Chris is a retired Army officer, a father of 3, a grandfather of two, and the CFO of CEP Farm - Weaver Creek Products. Chris was excited to get on board with the hemp business when Susan started doing their research. Chris works the land, he helps run the farm, and does quite a lot of labor. Chris loves to see the changes that CBD oil makes in his daughter!