1. Where should I mail my check or money order? 

Please mail checks and money orders to: 3888 Wickham Rd, Palmyra, TN 37142

2. Will my payment come out of my account automatically?

3. It’s been 24+ hours since I placed my order. Why hasn’t the money left my account? It's very possible that you placed your order on a weekend when banks aren't functioning or you placed your order over a federal holiday when banks aren't processing payments.

 4. My account had insufficient funds when my payment was processed. What happens now? Unfortunately, this hurts both you and us. We get charged a fee and, if you wish to redo your order, we will be required to add that fee to your next order to protect against insufficient funds charges. Please note that if your card is rejected for insufficient funds too many times, we will place your customer account on a "do not process" list and you will no longer be able to place orders.

5. If I have a question about payment, shipping, or products, who do I contact?
You can email cepfarminfo@gmail.com

6. Help! I got charged twice! 
Oh no!! We're so sorry about that. Please email cepfarminfo@gmail.com to let us know. 

7. What essential oils do you use? We exclusively use Certified Organic from  from Bulk Apothecary  essential oils for their exceptional quality. 

8. What pesticide do you use on your plants? We never use pesticides, herbicides, or insecticides. Hemp is a natural pesticide and takes care of itself. 

9. What chemicals do you use in processing? We slow heat-treat our hemp in crock pots and slow cookers (yes, really!) for the best, broadest, fullest spectrum CBD product. The hemp is infused in: olive oil, glycerine, avocado oil, or coconut oil. We never add any chemicals, fillers, or additives in this process. 

10. Is your product safe for my allergy? We cannot guarantee that the product you order has not come into contact with common allergens like: nuts, dairy, egg products, soy, wheat, fish, or shellfish. If you have severe allergies to common dietary allergens, essential oils, plant or herb oils or products, and lotions, you may wish to carefully consider our products. Common ingredients in our products are: coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil, karo syrup, essential oils, flavoring oils, shea butter, coco butter, and lye. Please contact us at cepfarminfo@gmail.com for further questions regarding your allergy. 

11. Are your products made in the USA? Yes! All of our products are hand made by our CEO, Susan Pease. She and her husband, Chris Pease (CFO), plant, grow, harvest, and process the products on their property in Tennessee. 

12. Do your products have THC in them? YES. CBD is a cousin of cannabis. Our plants are tested by the state of Tennessee to ensure state compliance. Our THC level tests at or below 0.3% THC. 

13. So, what's the difference between YOUR CBD and your competitors? Your competitors have no THC... Basically the difference is how they process the hemp. CBD isolate tests as having no THC. The isolate is an extremely refined type of CBD from the hemp. This form of processing limits you from the full spectrum of benefits of the hemp plant. The full spectrum of hemp also included vitamins, good fatty acids, and phytonutrients that are good for your body. A quote from madebyhemp. com, about full spectrum: "scientists have found that plant components interact with one another to create an enhanced effect (compared to the component [CBD] alone)". Susan processes full spectrum products to give you the best benefits!

14. Will the THC come up in a drug test? No, you should not test hot for THC in a drug test. We have been selling our products since August 2017 and have had no reports of a positive drug test. 

15. What is the level of CBD per milligram? As of January 1, 2019 our crop is testing at: 425mg per 1oz and 212.5mg per .5oz in olive oil; 115mg per 1oz and 57.5mg per .5 oz in glycerine; 625mg per 1oz and 312.5mg per .5oz in avocado oil.

If you have any other questions, please contact us at cepfarminfo@gmail.com